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Software Implementations

Numerous organizations have embarked on the establishment of Software Measurement Programs as a means to make informed management decisions on how to improve quality and productivity. These organizations have met with varying degrees of success.


Those that have enjoyed the greatest success have followed many of the practices GoalSpace promotes in our consulting services for Measurement Program Implementation. Establishing a successful software measurement program requires the support of experienced professionals. Our expert consultation can help your organization implement or enhance a measurement program tailored to your needs.


GoalSpace IT INC consulting service for Measurement Program Implementation is designed to help you identify and collect pertinent quality and productivity data from your Applications Portfolio and Software Projects that will lead to the identification of Improvement Initiatives. Once this management framework is in place your organization will have the ability to implement programs to help you:

  • Identify continuous process improvements.
  • Estimate development, enhancement and maintenance resources.
  • Plan and manage development projects.
  • Improve maintenance of the software assets.
  • Improve communications between software professionals, customers and management

Process Improvement Initiatives

A major deliverable of the benchmarking process is the identification of Continuous Process Improvement opportunities. On the basis of project and application measures, we will compare your organization's use of tools and processes to the best in practice and identify opportunities that will significantly improve productivity, quality and reduce costs. Optionally, we can assist you in the planning and implementation of specific improvement opportunities.

Our benchmarking service results in a comprehensive measurement baseline that will allow you to achieve your quality and productivity goals. Depending on your unique requirements, we can help you:

  • Establish an ongoing measurement process.
  • Evaluate software cost and value.
  • Evaluate customer and management satisfaction.
  • Quantify quality and productivity levels.
  • Identify improvement opportunities.
  • Conduct opportunity cost/benefit analysis.
  • Assist in strategic and operational improvement planning.
  • Provide implementation support.
  • Assist in quality and productivity goal setting.