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Project management is the use of tools, knowledge, processes, and competencies to ensure a project’s successful completion. Projects are time-bound endeavors that aim to produce value through products, services, or results that fulfill its objectives and success parameters.


Project management is different from other forms of management because of its time-bound nature. Management is an ongoing activity, whereas project management is only done within the duration of a project.

  • The success of the initiation stage will determine if a project will push through or if it will be dropped altogether.
  • Improve business effectiveness through strategy development and best practice project management.
  • We deliver your projects enabling the changes you need in order to achieve your strategy
  • The project manager role becomes more one of support and monitoring when the execution phase begins.
  • A project produces value for its stakeholders, clients, and community.

Project management software is an integral part of modern project management. Project management tools help standardize and automate many of the processes and documents that project managers use in every phase of the project life cycle. Check out our picks for the top project management software solutions below.


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